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National Ukrainian pottery open-air Museum-Reserve in Opishnya was founded in 1986. It houses the biggest collection of art pottery and artists-ceramists (about sixty thousand pieces), which represents the achievements of all historical and ethnographical regions of Ukraine from ancient times until the present day. Each year the museum collection is enriched with new acquisitions. The largest National Gallery of Monumental Garden Clay Sculpture in the open air has relatively recently been founded on the territory of the Museum-Reserve in the open air, presenting over 300 works. These sculptures were created during the all-Ukrainian workshops symposiums which started back in 1997, and the museum was awarded with an international status in 2009. Some valuable acquisitions to the museum collection of leading masters both national and international are constantly being made. Traditional items of pottery of 19-th – 20-th century, ceramic tiles and children toys are on display inside the building of the museum. You will see different kinds of dishes, clay panel pictures, which are so-called business cards of masters who create them at times of annual contests. You will find pictures of famous potters and graphic artists of Opishnya. The exhibition of plates and bowls presents the achievements of famous pottery associations from both at home and abroad. Visitors to the Museum-Reserve have a unique opportunity to watch both a potter and a graphic artist at work, and most importantly, they can sit at a traditional or modern pottery circle and try to make their first clay piece of art by themselves and learn a lesson in pottery painting. In the large landscaped territory of the Museum-Reserve, everyone will find a place to rest and restore strength. Coffee and delicacies in the Gornyatko museum cafe will be a nice complement and refreshment.

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