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Tour description

In the ХІХ century Myrhorod became widely known due to the literary work of world famous Ukrainian writer Mykola Hohol. In his novel of the “Quarrel between Ivan Ivanovych with Ivan Nikiforovych” he brightly described old world Myrhorod with a well-known puddle now turned decorative lake in the central park. In 2009 in honor of 200-year anniversary of Mykola Hohol the Alley of his literary characters was set up at the “corniche” of Myrhorod puddle. The characters are park sculptures made in realistic art manner of cement and forged copper by Dmytro Korshunov and Valeriy Holub and represent episodes of the relevant plots. The sculptures are: Myrhorod pig, Vacula-the-forger together with Oksana, Khlestakov on the bench, Ivan Ivanovych with Ivan Nikiforovych , Patsyuk –the –Cossack with pierogi, and Solokha with Sir the Head in a sack. Monument to Mykola Hohol is a central sculpture in the Alley.