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In May 1917 Folk Scientific museum was founded by archeologist and local historian Volodymyr Biryukov. Cult art samples of XVII-XIX centuries as well as antique household, Ukrainian folk art, and archeological finds done by the founder became the core of the Museum collection. “Enlightment” society in Khorol was taking care of the newly founded museum. The exposition was granted a separate building to host it until demolition in 1937. The Museum wasn’t functioning since then until reopening in 1965 in an intended premise. The exhibits were partially moved to the museums in Myrhorod and Lubny but the rest of the collection was gone forever missing. Full restoration of the Khorol Museum happened on May 6, 1995. The Museum was reopened in the antique eclectic mansion with mezzanine built in late XIX – early XX centuries to be the architectural monument of local importance. The artistic facet of the building features architectural Neo-Renaissance and Modern. Since September 2005 Khorol Local history Museum has been on the list of the museums to preserve collections and exhibits considered as a state property and belonging to the governmental part of Ukrainian museum Fund.