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The homestead church of Saint Nicholas the Wondermaker in Dykanka was being built in 1794-1797 to the project of the architect Mykola Lvov. The prince Victor Kochubey was developing his family homestead in Dykanka and happened to found the stone temple. Mykolayivska church used to be the architectural highlight of palaceand garden ensemble designed in the style of classicism and in 1827 was expanded through the separate belfry. The church had been designed as a circle building featured by single-dome rotunda to include column porch of Doric order with triangle pediment at the west-side front. The composition had been introduced by two interconnected cylinders and spherical dome. In 1851–1852 the church was renovated, the iconostasis was changed, and Kochubey family crypt was constructed in the vault. In 1917 palace and garden ensemble in Dykanka was destroyed but Mykolayivska church got through. In 1963 the temple turned atheistic museum. In 1989 the church of Saint Nicholas the Wondermaker regained as a sanctuary. Mykolayivska church is a unique sample of classicist architecture and has been devolved under governmental protection as a monument of national importance with a guard number 590/1.