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Tour description

A branch of the Ukrainian National Military History Museum, the Heavy Bomber Aviation Museum, was founded on 1 September 2016. It is a unique open air museum in Poltava. The Museum incorporates a park, an indoor exhibition and an open air display. The display showcases the only Tupolev Tu-160 “White Swan” (NATO reporting name Blackjack) museum aircraft in the world, and the only Tupolev Tu-95MS (NATO reporting name Bear) in Ukraine. Several other prominent aircraft are on display as well. The museum offers the visitors a chance to enter the flight decks of the aircraft, which are maintained in good condition, for an exciting photo opportunity.

Phone +38(066)853-49-02 +38(0532) 56-89-12


Timetable щоденно з 10:00 до 17:00, вихідний день: понеділок