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Tour description

Kharkivites’ contribution in development of world space science is unforgettable. Space industry employed 32 Kharkiv enterprises which meant more than 120 thousand people whose work facilitated victory of humanity in the launch of first artificial satellite, the first flight of a human being into the space, making of various missile types and spacecraft. Kharkivshchyna is a homeland to 22 austronauts. “Kharkiv a city of space glory” tour will reveal true history of space exploration to you, give you a chance to visit unique museums at the grounds of space and missile enterprises, Kharkiv History museum that introduces prominent exposition dedicated to the space.


Rossikhina Valentina LeonidovnaRussian, Ukrainian

Phone +38 050 982 65 33


Former building of VNKarazin Kharkiv National University
Monument to the 50th parallel
State Museum of Nature of VNKarazin KhNU
Yu.O. Planetarium Gagarin
DNVP "Association of Communards"
“Kharkiv Instrument-Making Plant named after Taras Shevchenko ”