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Tour description

Kharkiv province is a unique picturesque area. Local landscape park „Pechenizke pole” which is the nature-guarding zone is as unique. Its square is about 5 thousand hectare. It’s inhabited by almost forty species of rare animals and birds. It is a home to lots of rare plants registered in the Red List of Ukraine. Pechenizky reservoir is named in honour of antique tribes to live in this area. It was set up in 1962. Saltiv sea is the reservoir’s second name. Another attraction of the tour is Kytsivska desert which is the unique natural area. It hosts lots of rare insect species to be hardly found in other regions of Ukraine.


Radzey Halyna YuriyivnaRussian

Phone +38 099 564 41 03 (Viber)


Holy Transfiguration Cathedral
Pecheneg reservoir
Kitsiv desert