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Museum of Klavdia Shulzhenko was founded in 1996 upon the initiative of her relative Boris Agafonov. It is located in two-storied townhouse which is the architectural monument. The biggest part of the exposition is dedicated to the legendary singer of XX century Klavdia Shulzhenko. During more than sixty years was she at the stage and more than 70 mln copies of her records were issued. The Museum introduces documents, photos, stage dresses as well as the furniture to belong to the family of Shulzhenko. In 2012 the Museum extended its exposition and became the Museum of famous Kharkivates named after Klavdia Shulzhenko. The concerned part of the exposition introduces prominent personalities whose life and professional path had something with Kharkiv province. So, it features such Nobel laureates, Oscar winners, and brilliant representatives of culture and art as Lydmyla Hurchenko, Mykhailo Vodyanoy, Mark Bernes, and others.

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