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Tour description

Is Freemasonry a Religious Sect or Secret Organization? How do Freemasons control the world? Do you know what kind of ritual a rookie should go through and do you have a chance to become a fraternity member? During the author's thematic excursion "Secrets of the Masons of Poltava " you will learn how Freemasonry originated in Europe; where the first Masonic lodges appeared in Ukraine; how Ukrainian Masons influenced the culture; influential politicians, famous writers, artists and musicians who were loge members; do the masons have a bearing on the most famous plots and political disruptions.Our walking route will run in the historical centre of Poltava. - We will tell you about the origins of Freemasonry. - You will find out where the first lodges were in Ukraine and who headed them. - We will answer the question: "How did Poltava become a Masonic Centre?" - We’ll visit the places where the famous citizens of Poltava, who belonged to the secret Masons Order lived and created. - "Love of Truth", "Love and Faithfulness", "Cyryl and Methodius" - these are the names of Poltava Masonic lodges ... we will tell you who belonged to them and when they were in operation. - We will talk about I.P. Kotlyarevskyi, the Kapnist, Repnin, Kochubey, Kurakin, Muravyov-Apostol families. - Freemasons of the 20th century, who are they? This and much more will be on our Masonic, фгерутешс, excursion!! During the excursion we will find and decode a large number of Masonic symbols on the houses and monuments of Poltava, for example: the Technical University, the House of the Kapnist Family, the building of Agricultural College - former Land Bank, The Poltava Museum of Local Lore, the House of Nobility Assembly and other outstanding and famous places in Poltava! Each of you will have the opportunity to think about how history would have changed if the Ukrainian Freemasons S. Petliura, M. Hrushevsky, P. Skoropadsky agreed on issues of statehood.

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PNTU (Institute of Noble Girls)
Victory Park (former Poltava City Garden)
I. Kotlyarevsky Literary Memorial Museum (House of Poet and Playwright VV Kapnist)
Agrarian College, apartment buildings and the Land Bank
Poltava Museum of Local Lore named after Vasyl Krychevsky
Monument to Nikolai Gogol
Monument to Ivan Kotlyarevsky
The house of the Poltava noble assembly
Aerial panorama of a round square
Monument of Glory