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Tour description

When was the last time you were in the courtyard of the Poltava Museum of Local History? Are you in the know that there is an exhibition in the open there? Most of the exhibits are not only filled with the “breath of ages and times” but also have a secret, sacred content that may not always be understood by us, but always has a nigh-on magnetic attraction. How and where did the "stone images" which represent the ancient monumental sacral art of the Neolithic era get to the courtyard from? How old is the Alaska cypress and the oaks growing in this private courtyard? You will hear the answers to these and many other questions from museum staff who have kindly agreed to give us such an original tour. It is here that a memorial sign commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Petrovskyi Cadet Corps and the archaic plate, a monument that covered the Eneolithic burial place of a child late 5th – middle 4 th millennium BC.

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Poltava Museum of Local Lore named after Vasyl Krychevsky
Mysterious courtyard