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Tour description

Would you like to taste unusual Poltava smakoliki, which is something finger-licking good? Nice and gold, soft sided, steamed with incredible stuffing cooked according to ancient recipes?? Guess what is it? That's right - these are Poltava dumplings (halushechki) from Stepan Galushka !!! In the First Halushechky Manufactory, they are cooked and presented as a piece of art right in the Pantry!!! Or would you like a cup of coffee from Hohol, or tea from Kotlyarevskyi which is brewed in the very center of Poltava in the City café “Miska Kavyarnya”?. It is moreover spiced up with such love and inspiration to everything beautiful!!! And it is also possible to get to Veselivka in a time machine to find oneself on an ethnic courtyard. All around there takes your breath away and all sorts of amusing things make you dizzy. Hey, come on in to the tavern – the Korchma! Stop stamping your feet and hanging about and get in to the Saloon – Shynok! it is sufficient there in a gate to be trampled down. does it can want to Ham? You say hot meal would be great as you have been on your way for a long time? Well, then come in to Yushkarnia, where you will be gladly treated with soup and something substantial !!! Gastronomic rapture is guaranteed to you !!!! And keep in mind - it is so delicious that it is very dangerous to be reflected in the mirror !!!

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