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Tour description

The citizens of Poltava are commemorating Ivan Petrovych Kotlyarevskyi in the year 2019. And rightly so, as this year has been named after the author of “Natalka Poltavka”, who was born 250 years ago, and who wrote this masterpiece 200 years ago. A great tribute to the genius was paid by opening the estate-turned-museum which used to belong to the writer. Ivan Kotlyarevsyi’s life goes hand in hand with the city. You can still enjoy the landmarked buildings which still bear his presence in their memory. “Teaching through playing” is our goal that is to share knowledge and broaden people’s minds about Poltava of those good old times when Kotlyarevskyi was still alive, to present spiritual potential and uniqueness of our national heritage, which we possess. Literary and archaeological expedition "Exploring the paths of Ivan Kotlyarevskyi" is the touristic product of the museum which will help to popularize the exclusive set of literary and historical messages, left by the cher maitre and which give us a chance to touch upon the poet’s word still alive, through an architectural structure, painting, memorial or manuscript. The project is implemented in an exciting form, including quest games, which are highly interactive. The route of the expedition runs through the historical center of the city stopping by the spots, where participants have to think out puzzles, crossword puzzles or by the results of answering rapid-fire questions receive pieces of the puzzle, which should be put together at the final spot.


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Building park
Poltava State Agrarian Academy is the place of the first professional theater
Poltava City Council
I. Kotlyarevsky Literary Memorial Museum (House of Poet and Playwright VV Kapnist)
Monument to Ivan Kotlyarevsky
Holy Dormition Cathedral
Museum-manor of Ivan Kotlyarevsky