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Tour description

In the rays of sun, these Kharkiv symbols go their timeline: Streets, squares, parks, theaters, homesteads, museums, sculptures, monuments. City center Fountains, corniches with small houses near the water, big bridges and old cathedrals…. Kharkiv makes you fall in love… Kharkiv is romantic, Kharkiv is a city of those who’re in love, It’s full of beautiful legends and love stories. We’ll remember such famous Kharkivites as Hryhoriy Kvitka-Osnovyanenko, Klavdiya Shulzhenko, Les Kourbas. We’ll visit the most romantic places: “Arrow” park, “Mirror spray” fountain, and Architects Square with a monument to Those who are in love. Romantic love stories remember University hill, Uspensky and Blahovishchensky cathedrals, monument to Shevchenko, Freedom Square, National University, National Industry office building, and Shevchenko garden.


Chernukha Olena LeonidivnaRussian

Phone  +38 067 923 08 93


University Square
Monument to GF Kvitka-Osnovyanenko
Kharkiv Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater named after Taras Shevchenko
Monument to Nikolai Gogol
Monuments in the central building of Kharkiv National University named after VN Karazin
Monument to lovers
Bridge of lovers