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Tour description

It’s time to go on „Gastro tour”! This is a conceptual express tour to feel “the taste” of Kharkiv and to enjoy environmentally friendly food! You’ll have a chance to appreciate the atmosphere and chefs’ mastery. The tour’s distinguishing feature are not the mere souvenirs but worthy recipes and knowledge. We invite you to visit “Coffee museum”, Snail farm, and gastro locations in the territory of Kharkiv National Veterinary Academy producing cheese and honey.


Yudovich Inna AbramovnaRussian, Ukrainian

Phone +38 050 619 48 71 (Viber) +38 096 079 18 94 +38 057 756 01 95 (Viber) +38 098 056 01 00


Coffee Museum
Farm Snails House
Gastro-locations on the territory of Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy