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Tour description

We introduce “Unexpected Kharkiv province” tour to you. It comes through Kharkiv National Veterinary Academy and Educational and Methodical center-museum of Makarenko. Academy will give you cheese making workshop to demonstrate cheese producing technology. Museum of Anton Makarenko will show you the place where the educator worked and founded “Household school” to educate and employ former beggars in agriculture. The innovating educator shared his experience in reforming young people in his world famous book “The pedagogical poem”.


Yudovich Inna AbramovnaRussian, Ukrainian

Phone +38 050 619 48 71 (Viber) +38 096 079 18 94 +38 057 756 01 95 (Viber) +38 098 056 01 00


Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy
Museum of A.S. Makarenko