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Tour description

Kharkiv murals reform meaning of the city space where people can relax and recover. This is how city streets employ the design. The relevant tour introduces traces of famous Kharkivites as well as Ukrainians in the city through portraits of Klavdia Shulzhenko at Moscow avenue, portrait of Leonid Bykov at Sumskaya street, a huge portrait of Yuriy Haharin at the avenue named in his honour, portrait of Serhiy Yesenin at Kharkivska street, graffiti portraits of Pushkin and Shevchenko at Belhorodsky descent, portrait of Nataliya Fatyeyeva and others. CityArt is a young current of modern art to prove through its active development that Kharkiv is an up-to-date city.


Ushno Iryna MykhailivnaRussian

Phone +38 068 643 76 34


Mural Valentina Grizodubova
Mural Natalia Fateeva
Mural of Claudia Shulzhenko
Mural Kuzma
Mural Yuri Gagarin
Mural Lyudmila Gurchenko
Mural Leonid Bykov