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Tour description

Would you like to feel like a landowner ? To become an owner of an elegant palace? If so then you have to visit village of Sharivka in Bohodoukhivsky district. Local palace on the bank of the river Merchyk is one of the most beautiful spots in Eastern Ukraine. For its sophistication and beauty “The homestead” park and palace ensemble in Sharivka is called “White swan”. The homestead of Shydlovskys family in the village of Stary Merchyk is another architectural monument of Kharkivshchyna. It was built in 18th century during the governance of Katherine the Second. The homestead introduces ponds, bridges, artificial islands, and a unique church seated in its territory. Experienced tourists say that hours to spend in this tour will instantly flow in a magic moment.


Vatula Yuliya PavlivnaRussian, Ukrainian

Phone +38 066 985 87 95 (Viber)


Shariv Palace (Koenig's Palace)
Staromerchansky Palace and Park Complex (Szydlowski Palace)