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Tour description

“Golden crown of Kharkiv” tour introduces the most prominent cult buildings to you. These are buildings to influence history, culture and contemporary architectural look of the city. You will see ark with the relics, rare icons brought from the sacred Mount Athos, monasteries of Jerusalem, Palestine, and Russia. As well, you will attend Uspensky cathedral at the University hill, Blahovishchensky cathedral which is the one of the most beautiful Kharkiv cathedrals, and Svyato-Pokrovsky monastery in the very heart of the city. It is here Pokrovsky cathedral which is the oldest building in Kharkiv is seated. There you can also try delicious pastry made by the monks.


Slyunin Vitaly PetrovichUkrainian, English, Russian

Phone +38 093 768 53 59


Holy Annunciation Cathedral
Holy Dormition Cathedral
Holy Intercession Monastery