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Tour description

Izyum is one of the oldest towns in Slobidska Ukraine. It’s beautifully seated on the banks of Siversky Donets at the foot of legendary hill of Kremyanets. The hill is regarded as the highest elevation in Kharkiv province. Here you can find unique collection of stone sculptures from Scythian and Polovetsian epoch of X-XIII centuries. It’s going on about so called “stone women” that were considered as the charms by ancient people. The monument dedicated to the Second World war is located at the top of the hill as well as the Kyrychenkov water well which is believed to be the gift by God. The church in honour of Pishchanska icon of Holy Mother is seated near the spring. The unique collection of historical, cultural, and natural artefacts is handled by Izyum Local history museum named after Sibilyov which is one of the oldest museums in Slobozhanshchyna founded in 1920.


Yudovich Inna AbramovnaRussian, Ukrainian

Phone +38 050 619 48 71 (Viber) +38 096 079 18 94 +38 057 756 01 95 (Viber) +38 098 056 01 00


Walk on the western slopes of Mount Kremyanets
Memorial complex
Izyum Museum of Local Lore named after MV Sibilov
Holy spring "Kirichenko well"