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Tour description

Pharmacy museum was founded in Kharkiv in 2014. The founding idea had been existing for quite a while by that time since Kharkiv had always been a big pharmaceutical centre with scientific institutions and pharmaceutical manufactures. The idea was executed by Ihor Trutayev, a general manager of “Red Star” chemical and pharmaceutical factory. The museum is located in hundred years old building. It features lots of interesting and distinguished exhibits to tell about pharmacy functioning during pre-revolutionary and Soviet times. The showcases present utensils for blending grasses, various jars and glasses, antique books and recipes, and household artefacts. Significant attention is paid to perfumery as long as pharmacy is inseparable of perfumery. Not only perfumery was frequently produced and being sold by the pharmacies but also fireworks as well as the chemicals for labs and photography. You’re welcome to the „Pharmacy for traditional medicine” division. Here you can buy remedies produced upon antique recipes and preserving health and active long life.

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