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Tour description

The Museum of local Kharkiv provincial self-governance was founded in 2015. The exposition tells about historical past of self-governance phenomenon in Slobozhanshchina since the time of its occurrence as well as of the regimental –hundred polity. Here you can find out about formation of land self-governance and implementation of a City head position. The exposition covers life of the communities in Soviet period as well as throughout Ukrainian independence. The genuine documents provoke an especial interest. The Museum reconstitutes gowns of the officers from different epochs and genuine weapon. The exposition embraces wide chronological period and introduces almost 400-year history of self-governance in Slobozhanshchina. All the exhibits exposed brightly illustrate spirit, history, and century-old self-governing traditions of Slobozhans.


Timetable ПН-ПТ 10:00-17:00