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Sanctuary historical and archeological Museum “The Upper Saltiv” is the only Ukrainian archeological museum to be located in Kharkiv province. It was right here in the village of Upper Saltiv when in 1900 cultural traces of the tribes from Khazar khaganate period were found. The culture found was proclaimed the Saltiv culture as it was a name of the relative place where it was discovered. Saltiv culture is an archeological brand of Kharkiv province. After 120 years of exploration over 500 traces of Saltiv culture have been discovered in Ukraine while more than 300 of them have been discovered in Kharkiv province. The complex includes hillfort with a village, a fortress, and a cemetery in catacombs at 150 hectares. The catacombs are the ground for the sightseeing tours telling about Early Middle Ages in the region as well as for the workshops and contests.

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