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Красіков Михайло Михайлович


Krasikov Mikhail Mikhailovich




Favorite thematic areas and author's excursions:

Secrets of the old city. During the tour you will learn: about the history of ancient cannons that stand near the Historical Museum and how the people of Kharkiv learned about the arrival or departure of the leadership; where the royal palace is located in Kharkiv and what happened at the meeting of Catherine II; what pyrotechnic wonders were available to our compatriots 250 years ago; what attitude Goethe had to Kharkiv and what a brilliant definition he gave to our city. Why in the late 1940s Kharkiv was called "ugly" and why in Kharkov there is a monument to GS A frying pan intended for Kyiv? Do all the local witches really only visit the Annunciation Cathedral and what do they do on Easter night? What Masonic signs did the Soviet architect leave on the facade of one of the most famous post-war buildings? Which character disappeared and which appeared in a sculptural group at one of the buildings of the University of Arts? "Kharkiv is sexy, or How it was done in our country 100-200 years ago." You will learn about the intimate life of Kharkiv residents of past centuries - about ethnographic facts, "shameful" folklore and spicy stories, as well as about the location of "evil places" and the nature of their inhabitants. Did Vasyl Yermilov make a "chair for love", or did Boris Kosarev intend to embody frank eroticism in the ornament for the design of the famous basement in the house "Salamander", who was a "transitional sexual flag" in the Kharkiv literary bohemia of the 1920s - answers to these and others questions you will receive during the tour

Professional credo:

Professor, Director of the Kharkiv Branch of the Ukrainian Ethnological Center of the Institute of Art History, Folklore and Ethnography. M. Rylsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, director of the ethnographic museum "Slobozhansky treasures" named

Languages of excursions:

Ukrainian Russian


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Красіков Михайло Михайлович